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Mission Statement

The Open Door seeks to inspire, transform, ignite and create a vital, living, shared, human experience through high quality professional theatre.


The conventional actor puts a seal on his work, and sealing is a defensive act. To protect oneself, one "builds" and one "seals." To open oneself, one must knock down the walls." ---Peter Brook "The Open Door"

The Open Door is seeking to create a union between audience and theatre artists; it aims to break down barriers and re-establish the connection of a living, breathing theatre that was known to the ancient Greeks. Theatre is not an inactive medium. It is not something to be watched but to be experienced. Every member of the audience, individually and collectively, as well as the actors, director, stage manager, numerous designers and even the theatre space itself are all inherent parts of the essence and "catharsis" of the true communal theatre experience.

Board of Directors

Michael Leonardelli, President
Carolyn Busse
Jen Bauer
Michael Babbitt


David Hammond
Lucy Beevor
Cecelia Moore
Donna Heins
Krista Babbitt
Dave Tushar
James Watts
Bruce Alexander
Calvin Malefyt
Rob Kramer
Peter Leone

All can be reached at the following address:

PO Box 4501
Chapel Hill, NC 27515-4501

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